Frequently Asked Questions


Q: It doesn't work well in program XYZ. How can I disable it for an app?

You have two ways:

via System Tray
1) Select the XYZ application's window where you want to disable SmoothScroll
2) Right-click the SmoothScroll icon on System Tray
3) Select "Disable for XYZ" menu item

via Settings
1) Right-click the SmoothScroll icon on System Tray
2) Select "Settings" menu item
3) Click "+" button at the bottom right corner of Settings
4) Select XYZ from running applications list
5) Click "Disable for this app" checkbox

1) Select the XYZ application's window where you want to disable SmoothScroll
2) Click the SmoothScroll icon on your Menu Bar
3) Select "Disable for XYZ" menu item

Q: How can I access the settings?

You need to right-click the SmoothScroll icon on your System Tray and select "Settings"
(our tray icon is usually located on the bottom right corner of your screen).

You need to click the SmoothScroll icon on your Menu Bar and select "Preferences...".

Q: Scrolling is too fast, how can I reduce the speed?

If it only happens inside a specific app (e.g. photo editor, CAD software),
you can simply disable SmoothScroll for that program.

If you want to reduce the speed everywhere: Try reducing "Acceleration max" first (e.g. 3).
If you still find scrolling too fast, reduce the "Step size" parameter (e.g. 90).

Q: Where does SmoothScroll install on my computer?

It installs into your user's Local AppData folder.

Q: What data does SmoothScroll access or transmit on my computer?

SmoothScroll is a lightweight program that tries to do as little as possible to keep your computer fast and responsive, and to keep your privacy always in mind. Installation is happening in your user's Local AppData folder, your settings are stored in your Roaming AppData folder. You can run the file from anywhere on your Mac (we recommend placing it in your Applications folder). Other than that we only store your preferences on your computer.

Only network communication is delivering automatic updates, checking your license, sending minimal anonymous usage statistics (opened app, opened settings, closed app, etc.). For more information please read our Privacy Policy.

Q: How to fix delayed scrolling start in Chrome (Opera, Firefox)?

To get best experience, we recommend turning off Chrome's "bad"
smooth scrolling feature (which makes the animation start with a little delay):

Enter this into the browser's address bar:

Select "Disabled" and restart Chrome

Q: How can I uninstall?

You uninstall SmoothScroll like any other Windows program.

Click the Windows Start menu, type in "remove", select "Add or Remove programs", type in "smoothscroll", click the SmoothScroll entry, click "Uninstall"

Please see this article by Microsoft how to remove any program from your PC:
Remove programs in Windows 10

Click the SmoothScroll icon on the Menu Bar, if it is running,
then select "Quit SmoothScroll"
(alternatively you can close it via the Activity Monitor just like any other Mac app).
Finally move the file to the Trash. Empty Trash.

Q: Help, it is flagged as malware/virus by my antivirus software? What do I do?

First of all, don't panic. SmoothScroll is 100% clean, it is a payed application and the only way we make money is by the generous yearly payments of our users. I, Bal√°zs Galambosi, the developer, digitally sign every executable with a trusted Comodo certificate. I also put my real name on the application. I put my face on the website. So there is absolutely no ill intent inside SmoothScroll, I made it for people like me who need superior scrolling experience.

These false antivirus reports should happen very rarely, but sometimes these programs make mistakes (Note: antivirus companies earn money by making you "feel" safe, and sometimes they have to show that they are protecting you "somehow").

You can email our Support and they will resolve the issue immediately with the antivirus company. It usually means they update their whitelisted applications to include SmoothScroll. After you update your antivirus software, the warning should go away.

License & Subscription

Q: Is SmoothScroll free?

No, to continue using our application a yearly license is required.

Q: What happens after the free trial expires?

After 21 days your free trial expires. a) You can either purchase a yearly license purchase a yearly license to keep using SmoothScroll. b) You can continue evaluating our application without a license, but you will get constant reminders about buying a license. c) If you don't wish to buy a license, you can uninstall our application.

Q: How do you keep my payment information safe?

We work with the industry leading FastSpring company to handle your payment. FastSpring is a trusted partner of well-known companies developing Mac software such as Adobe, TechSmith, Skylum, flexibits, Smile among many others. They do all the heavy lifting to safeguard your data.

Your payment information is covered by FastSpring's Privacy Policy which can be read on their website.

Only the user's name and email is stored by SmoothScroll's (our) licensing server for verification purposes (see our Privacy Policy).

Q: Do you offer a one time payment solution?

No, currently there is only a yearly subscription. Continuous payment makes SmoothScroll possible and I thank everyone who decides to support smooth scrolling for all.

Q: Why do you need my name & email?

Your personal license will be made out to your name. We send your license to your email address. In case of lost license, your email is used to identify you and resend your license again. We do not send newsletters, promotions or any other spam material. We value your time and trust.

Q: Is my card charged automatically after every year?

Yes, as long as your card doesn't expire and your bank accepts our charges, your subscription will stay alive. You will get reminder emails before every charge and you can cancel at any time. You also get emails, if there was any issue with your payment.

Q: Can I buy it from the Mac App StoreWindows Store?

Unfortunately, no. We would like to offer SmoothScroll through the Mac App StoreWindows Store, but it's not possible because of the limitation it puts on apps. It doesn't allow us to modify low level input events that smooth scrolling needs for wheel detection and animation.

Q: I lost my license, how can I get it back?

Please contact our Support via email. You can find the address on the website or inside the app's About section.

Q: How do I update my credit card details, if it expires during my subscription?

To update your payment information, use the your subscription link given to you when you purchased our software. If you cannot find your purchase email with the link, contact our Support via email.

Q: How do I unsubscribe and stop paying?

To cancel your subscription, use the your subscription link given to you when you purchased our software. Alternatively you can ask our Support via email to cancel your subscription.

Q: How do I restart a canceled subscription?

There is currently no way to restart a canceled subscription. You can easily purchase a new license and enter it into SmoothScroll to start using it again.